Lightning Makes Impressive Show

As an individual that loves looking up into the sky, I've noticed a lot of different things: There are birds on the wing, looking for food or the perfect place to build their nests. Cotton-like, cumulus clouds give the Carolina blue sky a tranquil and heavenly quality. Various aircraft are either arriving at, or leaving, "The Holy City" with passengers or freight. Assorted butterflies of numerous colors flutter with an unmistakable grace. Countless stars and planets provide the astronomer the same amount of joy.

During nights when there is a thunderstorm on the way or heat is being exchanged in the atmosphere, lightning fills the sky with a brightness and consistency that has the observer saying "Ooh" and "Aah" as if sipping the perfect cup of coffee. Whether you're afraid of storms or not, one cannot deny the awesome display that Mother Nature can provide. Flashes occur as snake-shaped bolts give the Heavens above some impressive electricity. Depending on the cloud cover, if one were to look carefully, there is a hint of color as black sky and white lightning bolts combine to make a pink sky.

 Next time there is lightning in the area, don't worry about whether or not there's a storm on the way. Forget about the turbulence that may be occurring up there. Just think of it as a play onstage where you can't take your eyes off it. You'll be delighted!

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