Children's Theatre Degree Provides Priceless Rewards For Family Man

A Bachelor's Degree is one of the most important things anyone can get. It helps the individual get the career he or she has always wanted. It can provide an increase in salary. It also shows the world what one has accomplished. The best thing about a college degree is that no one can take it away once it's been obtained.

For me, I'm not using my degree as a career yet. I was able to use it as part of my medical mission trip. I haven't been presented with that special opportunity as of now. Even if I were to get a career in this area, it wouldn't pay very well. I don't even have any children of my own. However, I am using it to entertain two children, who are near and dear to my heart, and that is worth more than all the money any employer could offer. My Bachelor's Degree is in Theatre For Youth, which I got from the College of Charleston, having graduated in May, 2008.

The two children are my nephew and my girlfriend's granddaughter. I don't get to spend as much time as I'd like with these two bundles of joy, but, when I do, there's no better feeling in the world than knowing that I can make these loves-of-my-life laugh. The one time that I was with my nephew, which sticks out in my mind, was Thanksgiving two years ago. We were all at my mom's house. She and my stepfather have a house in the country. We were all walking down the dirt road, and, just for kicks, I started staggering back and forth as if I couldn't see where I was going. My nephew, who was six years old at the time, loved it! When I put my glasses back on, I was able to "see and walk straight" once more. My nephew wanted me to do it again. I had to tell him that I couldn't. I couldn't just take off my glasses (which I did) and stagger down the road, not knowing which way I was going (which I did), and put my glasses back on so that I was able to walk straight once more. So, I apologized lovingly, but firmly, told my nephew "No." Again, I couldn't "take off glasses...", and the fun began once more!

Regarding my girlfriend's granddaughter, who is now three years old, loves it when I do "Near And Far" a la Grover from "Sesame Street." My girlfriend, the granddaughter, and I were recently having a picnic at one of the local state parks. I ran in her direction to represent "near" and away from her to represent far, sounding like the friendly, blue, hairy Muppet. With each "far", I got further away as my voice got louder and more like Grover,dragging the word as long as I could ("fa-a-aa-a-r-rrr!!"). The laugh of this princess was unmistakable and will stick with me forever.

It is my opinion that every grandparent should take, at least, one course in Children's Theatre or attend a performance with children as the target audience to watch how these actors move, talk, and make children laugh. It would definitely be time well spent! Going to a baseball game or an ice cream parlor is great. Reading to children is priceless. However, if you can act in a hilarious way, talk in a funny or familiar cartoon character's or Muppet's voice, and move in a humorously agile manner, or any combination of these talents, the sound of a child laughing is as good as it gets. Try it!

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