Casey Anthony's Safety vs Our Need to Know

Not since OJ Simpson has the public been so angered by a verdict. Casey Anthony, however, knows all too well how angry people can get when they feel that justice hasn't been served.  Anthony was acquited July 5 of the death of her 2-year old daughter, Caylee. The public outcry has been nothing but anger and disbelief. The public expressed its anger with insults and even death threats which makes one question her safety and the media's coverage of her whereabouts. Question is if her whereabouts were ever discovered wouldn't this put her life in danger and is this an eithical approach or simply irresponsible. Should one's safety be put at stake just to quench the public's thirst to know?

Some might say in this case, yes, she deserves it. This would probably be the opinion of those that feel she is guilty anyway. Then others might agree that she doesn't deserve this. She was found not guilty and therefore should be left alone.

Since Anthony's release, the media has been on a man-hunt. Everyday there's at least one story on the news where they're reporting on where they think she is according to the flight path of a plane owned by Todd Macalusoone, one of Anthony's defense lawyers that later left the case early during the trial.

According to the plane touched down in Prescott Arizona, San Carlos California, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and St. George Island off the Florida coast. Ultimately, the plane ended it's cross-country trip in California and the media has been busy checking out each of its stops on the way to California trying to hunt Casey Anthony down.

So what do you think? Should she be left alone or does she deserve this treatment? Register or login below and leave your comments.

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