Voter ID Law: Does it Violate Voters Constitutional Right to Vote?

More than 40 people appeared at the NAACP Townhall meeting yesterday to protest against the new Voter Id Law recently passed by Nikki Haley. According to the GOP, who voted largely along political lines for the bill, says the purpose of the meaure is to curb voter fraud. However, opponents of this law argue that some 180,000 people would be denied the right to vote.

Everett Garlington, a resident of West Ashley, argued yesterday at the townhall meeting that he would be one of the people effected by this new law. Garlington stated that he had lost his license and it would cost him a $160 to get a new one because the DMV wants him to pay for some other unrelated fees that he incurred before they would give him a replacement Drivers License. According to Garlington, if he had to vote today. He would be denied his right to vote because he didn't have his drivers license.

Some liken the new law to the old Jim Crow laws that suppressed black voter participation in the post emancipation days. This new law according to its opponents would give poll workers the means to questions one's identity due to changes in one's appearance because of a new hair-do, age, or a new beard or mustache.

Currently the law in order to be enforced has to be passed by the Justice Department. NAACP Leaders vow to continue fighting this new law until the ultimate decision is made.

So what do you think about this new law? Should the Justice Department kill the bill or pass it? Register or login below and leave your comments.

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