Transformers was a Smash


So my wife and I decided to go on a long over due date the other day. Our first stop was to a movie matinee: Transformers: Darkside of the Moon. Both her and I are advid Transformer fans so it was a no brainer on what we wanted to see. All I know is I was expecting the movie to be as good as it was though. From the beginning to the end it was non-stop action. I was told that it was a long movie but I didn't even noticed I was too busy watching robots get smashed and shot.

In my opinion this last Transformer movie top the others. It was just raw action. My wife loved it too. It was graphic though...even though their just robot it's something about a robot begging for his life and then take a shot to the back and 2 second later another to the dome that doesn't seem right; at least if kids are watching but the movie is a must-see. Needless to say our date was off to a great start.

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